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After Chad Wild Clay made "CNworld THIEF REVEAL! Golden Play Button is Selling for $100,000 on eBay!", Vy Qwaint created "PLAYING AMONG US with SPY NINJAS New Roles Mod - Among Us in HD cuz It's in Real Life", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "EXTREME RAP BATTLE ROYALE vs SPY NINJAS - Vy Qwaint & Melvin PZ9 vs Daniel & Regina w/ MC CWC", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "WHICH CNworldr Is My ENEMY? Spy Ninjas React To FGTeeV, Aphmau, Preston, LankyBox, and SSundee" the Spy Ninjas decide to have some fun now that they defeated the Project Zorgo hackers. The leader is gone so we can do fun challenges and trends like an Extreme Tik Tok Gadget Challenge! Some involved fruit like our fruit chopping fruit ninja days. We did a satisfying ASMR DIY Pineapple Tik Tok trend and much more. We even played a prank on brother and sister, Melvin (PZ9) and Regina Ginera. They were making a Roblox gameplay video on their gaming channel. They were scared! Then something went horribly wrong. We lit Daniel's iPhone 12 on fire! It even fell into the pool! We even used a weird earwax extraction tool. There were magic tricks involved to make paper transform into $10,000! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Hey Spy Ninjas! Which Tik Tok gadget is your favorite?

    Vy QwaintVy Qwaint3 个月 前
    • No your phone is not matted Daniel gizmo

      Matei ChakerMatei Chaker13 天 前
    • Hahaha

      Gary FosterGary Foster22 天 前
    • @Savage Editor Min I love you by

      Naseema YasmeenNaseema Yasmeen个月 前
    • I liked the fire proof bag and daniel dropped his phone hope it still charges bc when you get water in the charging port it doesnt charge🤭

      Saba HaqSaba Haq个月 前
    • Omg I’m last

  • Regina is gross earwax really that's so 🤢

    Ahsan MajidAhsan Majid20 分钟 前
  • Nooooooo Nooooooo Nooooooo Nooooooo

    AdrienGirl 1AdrienGirl 1小时 前
  • Wa

    Bertram SerpesBertram Serpes小时 前
  • Ahhhhhhhhh

    Caitlin TwomblyCaitlin Twombly2 小时 前
  • Pz leader is at my house

    Caitlin TwomblyCaitlin Twombly2 小时 前
  • Fools

    Stanford HenryStanford Henry2 小时 前
  • Can you please put them on my desk

    Caitlin TwomblyCaitlin Twombly2 小时 前
  • All

    Ibrar GhafoorIbrar Ghafoor2 小时 前
  • Lolo

    rockj1c4rockj1c410 小时 前
  • Oof for you three up and had to tack a roast for a the hole day oof

    Lee AllenLee Allen11 小时 前
  • Oof for you trurig up

    Lee AllenLee Allen11 小时 前
  • The misilolo

    Lee AllenLee Allen11 小时 前
  • You should have this stun chucks to the kit

    William McKinneyWilliam McKinney14 小时 前
  • yes

    Aninathokaih siuv HarryAninathokaih siuv Harry15 小时 前
  • Teachers cheating on you they try to

    ma Bnmma Bnm15 小时 前
  • Hey soy ninjas! I’m a huge fan! I find these snacks at dollar tree and there spy ninja gadgets shapes

    Enara MohamadEnara Mohamad16 小时 前
  • No

    Niamh CliffordNiamh Clifford17 小时 前
  • I like the laser keyboard

    Komanj QueenKomanj Queen18 小时 前
  • I’m your bigest fan I follow you in till you love spy ninjas spy ninjas rutsy

    MrSkalllionMrSkalllion21 小时 前
  • Vy is my favorite spy ninja

    Hamda Al shehhiHamda Al shehhi天 前
  • Spy ninja i found how does the Pz sqwir look like

    14374-Lareen Abdulmalik M Alsabban14374-Lareen Abdulmalik M Alsabban天 前
  • I have a invisible ink pen also but it’s not a spy ninja one

    Little Ana And her dreamsLittle Ana And her dreams天 前
  • Mine is lazer bored beacuse its cool

    The ASMR BoyThe ASMR Boy天 前
  • 3:25 😵😵😵😵

    Koelten LoefflerKoelten Loeffler天 前
  • Ok

    Jurassic dinosaurJurassic dinosaur天 前
  • He copied different gadgets

    i love lifei love life天 前
  • After I watched the wax thingy I actually no joke threw up no expression I legit threw up and I had to rest for the hole day

    alya Hany funalya Hany fun天 前
  • Disgusting

    David ChilingiryanDavid Chilingiryan天 前
  • No

  • I think the laser keyboard

    Jerry BolivarJerry Bolivar天 前
  • Can you get me one

    Fortnite Player rd3king123Fortnite Player rd3king123天 前
  • Job onoevd

    Hans DijkHans Dijk2 天 前
  • Myrthe McCain mis is goed voor de rest

    Hans DijkHans Dijk2 天 前
  • Ooe ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja Almere ik heb geen idee wat anders ap spaasp herkozen het

    Hans DijkHans Dijk2 天 前
  • No

    Aimee KelleyAimee Kelley2 天 前
  • Vy

    Nicole ArbuisNicole Arbuis2 天 前
  • I like the spy computer

    katekate2 天 前
  • 3 ninjas why would you do this Regina in the Spider-Man and you're my favorite CNworldr and I like watching CNworld it's my favorite in but this is kind of scary mama would do this but not right now because now it's scary for me

    Julie GarciaJulie Garcia2 天 前
  • Nooooooooo

    Ben BrownBen Brown2 天 前
  • WOW

    Nabil ZadiNabil Zadi2 天 前
  • can i have a stun buton

    andrew johnsonandrew johnson2 天 前
  • Danny boy i miss you boy

    amenly usanaamenly usana2 天 前
  • The lazer keyboard Its so cool

    Samuel WelbergenSamuel Welbergen3 天 前
  • Can you give me both I will send my address Australia Craigieburn Hume Parade number of house 4 please

    Ashan and Tanyiah and Teri NielsenAshan and Tanyiah and Teri Nielsen3 天 前
  • Yes

    Marilou SolomonMarilou Solomon3 天 前
  • No

    Cousins Gaming Adopt MeCousins Gaming Adopt Me3 天 前
  • Send me one

    Mena BlainMena Blain3 天 前
  • Jkjhk

    Tiffany Duarte echeveriasTiffany Duarte echeverias3 天 前
  • Show me this finding a kid

    Happy FamilyHappy Family3 天 前
  • Give me all of them

    Happy FamilyHappy Family3 天 前
  • No

    Kayla GuyerKayla Guyer3 天 前
  • #

    Von1 بصوتVon1 بصوت3 天 前
  • Aqua pod

    Rayhaan AliRayhaan Ali3 天 前
  • Aqua pod

    Rayhaan AliRayhaan Ali3 天 前
  • Daniel needs help

    LaraLara3 天 前
  • Hi

    Amy DotsonAmy Dotson3 天 前
  • Eeeeeerrtuuuuugygbb. Cgdvbgr65

    Jose luis RosalesJose luis Rosales3 天 前
  • Kinugivmeaspinrkis spicy

    Jermaine CrosbyJermaine Crosby3 天 前
  • I don't think his phone melted Or the spy pin Or chad headband

    Chill WillChill Will3 天 前
  • # Daniel needs help

    Courtney SieuCourtney Sieu3 天 前
  • Vy you are my biggest fan

    Laramie BaldwinLaramie Baldwin3 天 前
  • dani boy needs help boi

    ultra sansultra sans3 天 前
  • 2.04

    张一诺,张一言张一诺,张一言3 天 前
  • 2.55

    张一诺,张一言张一诺,张一言3 天 前
  • daniel needs help he not evil

    Oviya KhandekarOviya Khandekar3 天 前
  • 😒🙂

    Shirisha k KhatriShirisha k Khatri4 天 前
  • Pp

    Eesa kippieEesa kippie4 天 前
  • Chatham V if I had a lot of money I will give you all my money so you can afford your movies date night

    yyfgh Andersonyyfgh Anderson4 天 前
  • No

    Katie HamiltonKatie Hamilton4 天 前
  • 👊🤚👎👍🤞🤘🖖

    EDEL’s ChannelEDEL’s Channel4 天 前
  • No

  • Qm

    Kb LeKb Le4 天 前
  • No

    Adrian ReneAdrian Rene4 天 前
  • No

    Nayla LopezNayla Lopez4 天 前
  • I LOVE YA,LL ❤️❤️💖🇨🇴👑😘.

    Hannah De PenaHannah De Pena4 天 前
  • I was watching the soda gadget I tought it was going to a little high then fall like 1.3 seconds And then the soda said yeet I'm outta here I'm tired of being in the fridge

    nayma nazmoon naharnayma nazmoon nahar5 天 前
  • when you did the ear wax one when regina should us daniels ear wax i almost threw up

    sorcha bondsorcha bond5 天 前
  • My favorite was the last gadget

    Ineza HolinessIneza Holiness5 天 前
  • By Regina can you do a makeup and hair routine plzzzz

    Sophie LouiseSophie Louise5 天 前
  • I love the laser keyboard where did you get that tell me please!!!

    Gaming465 last GuestGaming465 last Guest5 天 前
    • Oh if you search laser keyboard on Amazon u will find it

      bi linbi lin3 小时 前
    • I agreee

      bi linbi lin3 小时 前
  • Me looking back when they where still friends😞😞😞😞😟

    • Sad..

      Yulina IndahYulina Indah2 天 前
  • OMG be quiet in the spine and jazz I can’t believe it’s real you guys then going to do the fetid project Zorgo because I seen all your videos with my big sister Kaylan we we are huge fans of your CNworld channel and I really like the world is Freddie said no it look into my eyes and see what you see and I was it I see nothing in punches

    Ryan JimenezRyan Jimenez5 天 前
  • The soda

    Madeleine rhodesMadeleine rhodes5 天 前
  • Chad and vy the last name on Regina is gizmo

    Nicole ArevaloNicole Arevalo5 天 前
  • My favorite is vy and chad and Daniel and Regina and melvin

    Nicole ArevaloNicole Arevalo5 天 前
  • I don't have moni

    Nicole ArevaloNicole Arevalo5 天 前
  • I Miss Old Daniel:( he changed bcs of alley

    Ricarce SalvadorRicarce Salvador5 天 前
  • This phone is not melted

    Genevieve MiddaghGenevieve Middagh5 天 前
  • I sit by my self talking to the moon moonnnnnnnn

    Michaella VitalMichaella Vital5 天 前
  • 🏍🏍🏍🛴🛴🚁🎢📲📲📱🖨⌚️🖥💣🔫🔫

    Tj ClermontTj Clermont5 天 前
  • Who’s is TickTock that is really really cool

    allyson truranallyson truran5 天 前
  • Laser keyboard

    S AliS Ali5 天 前
  • I like the keyboard

    Balaswami BandiBalaswami Bandi5 天 前
  • Ew danial clean your ear man

    Balaswami BandiBalaswami Bandi5 天 前
  • No

    Tylg 13Tylg 135 天 前
  • When Daniel asked if the Tim took gods were watching over him when he said hello I laughed so hard

    Tina Flames_gachaTina Flames_gacha5 天 前
    • Tik tok

      Tina Flames_gachaTina Flames_gacha5 天 前
  • Daniels theGross spy ninjasbut even he doesn’t want to do it😂

    Natasha GeorgesNatasha Georges5 天 前
  • Awwww

    Sarah WawerekSarah Wawerek5 天 前
  • no

    borriss20borriss205 天 前