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After Chad Wild Clay made "WHICH DOPPELGANGER is the STALKER?", Vy Qwaint created "DANIEL RAN AWAY FROM HOME", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "WHY I QUIT SPY NINJAS", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "CHAD vs MELVIN in ROBLOX Super Doomspire!" the Spy Ninjas finally find Joseph Banks! After a year of laying low, he finally comes out of his hiding. Scared and confused, the Spy Ninjas help Joseph Banks remember key pieces of his life and answer some unknown leftover questions. Spy Ninjas soon find out, that Joseph Banks has a stalker too! And that Joseph Banks has been getting mysterious packages as well. During the questionnaire, the Spy Ninjas also ask Joseph Banks about the hatch, Tesla and Delorean, and his whereabouts. Not getting complete answers, the Spy Ninjas attempt to give Joseph Banks a lie detector test, and fail miserably because Daniel's not around. After a few attempts, the Spy Ninjas bring Joseph Banks outside to see the Tesla and Delorean together to prove that he lied! As they investigate outside, Joesph Banks reveals that the Tesla drives to the Stalker. Then suddenly the Tesla turns on and drives off! The Spy Ninjas hop in the DeLorean and chase after trying to save him. They finally catch up and Joseph Banks is missing! The Spy Ninjas know that if they take the Telsa, they can find the Stalker! Do they catch the Stalker once and for all? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Hey Spy Ninjas, comment below if you've been watching long enough to remember who Joseph Banks is.

    Vy QwaintVy Qwaint个月 前
    • Bruh this is not real

      Elias CastilloElias Castillo3 天 前
    • @JWTK 4444 is a

      Christin BusheyChristin Bushey26 天 前
    • I remember!!! I’m a big fan btw sry I’m late :(

      Faiza’s Magical WorldFaiza’s Magical World27 天 前
    • Hi

      Sky BuleSky Bule29 天 前
    • Hey spy ninzas loser im lietuvus

      Jovita DruktenienėJovita Druktenienė29 天 前
  • Joseph banks should be taken TO Daniel then maybe he might tell you some things!!!!!🤗✌️

    Caitlin-jo WilliamsCaitlin-jo Williams3 小时 前
  • Joseph banks is Melvin/ PZ9 I can tell by the voice because that is Melvins old man voice

    Pauly R.Pauly R.天 前
  • Vy is ali

    Lida LidceLida Lidce2 天 前
  • And the stalkers location was the east side wherehouse

    Funny playz 123Funny playz 1232 天 前
  • Guys I hacked to the stalkers phone to find the location and I also found out the stalker is a girl!

    Funny playz 123Funny playz 1232 天 前
  • The juice is dead

    CourtneyCourtney2 天 前
  • 22340

    Juan MaldonadoJuan Maldonado2 天 前
  • He Vy

    Maldonado CassandraMaldonado Cassandra2 天 前
  • Vy

    Maldonado CassandraMaldonado Cassandra2 天 前
    • 2314

      Maldonado CassandraMaldonado Cassandra2 天 前
  • Joseph Banks was about to hit Vy but Her husband protected her

    Abagail RodriguezAbagail Rodriguez3 天 前
  • Hey Vy you should do testing your husband if he's a gentlemen!!

    Abagail RodriguezAbagail Rodriguez3 天 前
  • It’s not Joseph Banks it’s someone else

    Jenelia PoeseJenelia Poese3 天 前
  • I died at the heater 🤣

    AteMongGamer ATMAteMongGamer ATM4 天 前
  • yes!

    Alexandria BrunnerAlexandria Brunner4 天 前
  • I love jb❤

    Zaynab BiZaynab Bi5 天 前
  • chad are your legs ok???

    rylle seth baldomarrylle seth baldomar5 天 前
  • I Remember him I miss him he was the best scientist I know I watched every

    Safana Al SulamiSafana Al Sulami5 天 前
  • 6:19 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Hamna ShujahHamna Shujah5 天 前
  • Wow his cane ain't real

    Pankaj GonbarePankaj Gonbare6 天 前
  • Hi

    Heriberto EscutaryHeriberto Escutary6 天 前
  • Joseph is crazy

    Maged HannaMaged Hanna6 天 前
  • Jb has the hebejibeys

    Riane Angelo OrtegaRiane Angelo Ortega7 天 前
  • The staker is Ali

    Justin NellJustin Nell8 天 前
  • 4pm its driving

    M MagbanuaM Magbanua8 天 前
  • 10:1

    M MagbanuaM Magbanua8 天 前
  • Its 10:1

    M MagbanuaM Magbanua8 天 前
  • 9:00

    M MagbanuaM Magbanua8 天 前

    M MagbanuaM Magbanua8 天 前

    M MagbanuaM Magbanua8 天 前
  • How do poets say hi..... hey haven't we metaphor

    Noel WillNoel Will8 天 前
  • .

    Joseph KhaiJoseph Khai8 天 前
  • 15:13 XD

    LoserAtGamesLoserAtGames8 天 前
  • Melvin said sisbro

    sister Yandere Colettesister Yandere Colette9 天 前
  • Vy you hit 10.4 millon subscribers and you haven’t got your diamond plate button.

    Keyla MendozaKeyla Mendoza9 天 前
  • Dang it. I just came back to re-watch this video. Now that I see this I believe Joseph Banks has been brainwashed by Horseradish. He3 is having those periods where he collapses, then extreme anger then followed by major confusion.

    Sarah1390Sarah139010 天 前
  • Can I be a spy Naja with you and chad my name is juliet Kotfer.

    All Around MeAll Around Me10 天 前
  • "He's dead" -Chad 2021

    Jamila Samantha SolanoJamila Samantha Solano10 天 前
  • 20:09

    clarita Assiclarita Assi11 天 前
  • 5:06

    clarita Assiclarita Assi11 天 前
  • 5:31

    Alondra Corado-De PazAlondra Corado-De Paz11 天 前
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    Cyrus Yael’s happy playtimeCyrus Yael’s happy playtime11 天 前
  • 1:53 “oh. I know! What is it?” 😂😂😂

    Redbull GbrRedbull Gbr11 天 前
  • hi vy do you have u sister?

    Jairah MacaltaoJairah Macaltao12 天 前
  • Were is harasson

    Hawwa Nihaa Ali AbdullaHawwa Nihaa Ali Abdulla12 天 前
  • 17:35

  • Hi Chad and VY Regina Melvin 🎉🎊🎀💕💓💞💖💝

    Christivie MandjilaChristivie Mandjila12 天 前
  • I have been watching sents y'all started

    Michelle HarborthMichelle Harborth12 天 前
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    Jozef ConkaJozef Conka12 天 前
  • 🤣

    Alma OrtizAlma Ortiz12 天 前
  • Joseph Backse is the houserad dish

    Sama Abul ghanamSama Abul ghanam12 天 前
  • joseph banks is lying about the dolourean

    Shazamsingh SinghShazamsingh Singh12 天 前
  • Cwc do you know what to the deail boo

    Amal EcharefAmal Echaref13 天 前
  • Can you release a new video now

    Angela MackayAngela Mackay13 天 前
  • its the spy ninjas

    sienna feeneysienna feeney14 天 前
  • Hi by

    sienna feeneysienna feeney14 天 前
  • Earlier joseph banks was having black gloves but now blue gloves

    Syed Mustafa AliSyed Mustafa Ali14 天 前
  • Guys what if jb was the dopleganger because why would jb do that

    Ishrat JhangeerIshrat Jhangeer14 天 前
  • I think JB lost his memory by the fog.

    Vimala NairVimala Nair14 天 前
  • When you guys were kids I think Joseph banks is your since teacher

    AKI'S WorldAKI'S World15 天 前
  • I love you guys

    Sarah BoiesSarah Boies15 天 前
  • He is mad

    Biserka BanderBiserka Bander15 天 前
  • I miss Daniel

    Becky BrastedBecky Brasted16 天 前
  • Jv🤺⛷️🏂🏄🏊🙋💮☃️🌄🧀🧀🥩🇦🇫🇦🇱🥰😍

    Terecita LeanosTerecita Leanos16 天 前
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  • Hittrrw

    Breyden DetherageBreyden Detherage16 天 前
  • ... ... ...😑😐

    ShinyDoshiShinyDoshi16 天 前
  • Joseph he is the stalker he weren’t for Ally a.k.a. the girlfriend

    Zakaria WiseZakaria Wise16 天 前
  • What’s the banks is a hacker

    Zakaria WiseZakaria Wise16 天 前
  • ☺️

    J SJ S16 天 前
  • Why are you never reading math final comments

    Nannette BrooksNannette Brooks16 天 前
  • When I was a little kid I use to watch and I still watch you I'm such a big fan can I get a shout out

    gaming with giogaming with gio17 天 前
  • Hi vy.I love ur vids.And also my fav scene was when chad said.He died...I was laughing😂

    •Ash••Ash•17 天 前
  • Thats not the real Joseph Banks

    Charliee GrayCharliee Gray17 天 前
  • xxvcnbj

    Nohlan PhanthavongNohlan Phanthavong17 天 前
  • غوان()(;)?(&$,$?)),$?;&);6@&&&&&&&&&&@@@&@@&&? Kknbnb n fucchb can vhhbb v. B. B. Bbbhbjhjhjhjiknkmkjjhuiiiijjjhhhjjjj

    Dana FaidyDana Faidy17 天 前
  • The stocker name is Aliy

    Zidan Zezo 2Zidan Zezo 217 天 前
  • 😞😅😂😂🤔🤔🤔😐😑😑😶

    Daniel PattersonDaniel Patterson19 天 前
  • I think that is not jb

    crystal Faifhcrystal Faifh19 天 前
  • 10:31

    Kayi KabuyaKayi Kabuya19 天 前
  • 5:31 Just tell me where is Harrison!! I want want him back in your videos to see what really happened to him after October 21st and to see if Alie’s Ex Stalker group kidnapped him.

    Jason. FooJason. Foo19 天 前
  • OMG OH NO GOSH ☹️😆😆

    Jay ShepherdJay Shepherd19 天 前
  • The 13th of February 2020: testing viral tittle challenges with pz funf: on Vy quaint’s channel

    Incredible ClipsIncredible Clips19 天 前
  • At the start kinda I love how chad said “he died!....”

    Ellie BasgallEllie Basgall19 天 前
  • pls i haven’t watched yall in years-

    Ruby xoRuby xo20 天 前
  • Ih Joseph Banks me and the spinosaurus are so happy to see you we all thought you were gonna I'm so happy you're back

    Dominick Moyer_fehrDominick Moyer_fehr20 天 前
    • Spy ninja and spinosaurus if you made a mistake it’s okay (:

      Ms. D o l l yMs. D o l l y17 天 前
  • It feels like jb is the stalker

    f1lo potatof1lo potato20 天 前
  • HI

    Jayden RamosJayden Ramos20 天 前
  • Adolphus Banks do you have a pet

    Jamie KaufmanJamie Kaufman20 天 前
  • Yes he is a old man

    Boo ManBoo Man20 天 前
  • Do it🥺

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  • Hallo wo bist du was machst du überhaupt wieso gibst du mir keine Antwort Bruder😕

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  • Ja lo

    Ramona KrügerRamona Krüger21 天 前
  • “The hatch OhHHhHhH the hatch 😀.......what’s the hatch?.........😃😐” 😭💀

    _rxblox_tik toks__rxblox_tik toks_22 天 前
    • 😭😭😭😭

      Ana TubaAna Tuba8 天 前
  • Jb what happened to you

    Raymond MonicaRaymond Monica22 天 前
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  • Joseph is the stalker he sounded like the doppelganger

    Helen PerezHelen Perez22 天 前
  • If he has a black dot on his forehead...

    Ripe GamesRipe Games22 天 前