PLAYING AMONG US with SPY NINJAS New Roles Mod - Among Us in HD cuz It's in Real Life

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Among Us in HD (cuz it's in real life)
After Chad Wild Clay made "COOLEST HACKS TO BECOME POPULAR AT SCHOOL - Epic Tik Tok Hacks Tested by Spy Ninjas", Vy Qwaint created "TIK TOK PRANKS - Trying Funny TikTok Hacks on Cool Friends To See if They Work", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "EXTREME RAP BATTLE ROYALE vs SPY NINJAS - Vy Qwaint & Melvin PZ9 vs Daniel & Regina w/ MC CWC", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "WHICH CNworldr Is My ENEMY? Spy Ninjas React To FGTeeV, Aphmau, Preston, LankyBox, and SSundee", the Spyninjas play Among Us in real life! Watch as the Spyninjas use teamwork and deception to make it through a game of Amoung Us at the Safehouse. Each player is given a crewmate or imposter role. The crewmates must focus on completing their tasks and challenges while avoiding being taken down by the imposter and solving the mystery of who the imposter is in the group. The ninjas must watch the behavior of the other players to discover who is being sus and who can or cant be trusted. Meanwhile, Imposters sabotage the Crewmate's completed tasks while also sneaking up on and defeating other players. Who will win the game, the crewmates or the imposter? Who is the must sus of all of the Spy Ninjas? Thank you for watching my suspiciously funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • This is my first time playing Among Us in Real Life. I need to improve my discussion skills during Emergency Meetings LOL

    Vy QwaintVy Qwaint3 个月 前
    • Lol

      Fertig antonelaFertig antonela15 天 前
    • شف

      Fertig antonelaFertig antonela15 天 前
    • Ok vy qwaint

      MeenakshiMadhuri DevulapalliMeenakshiMadhuri Devulapalli16 天 前
    • 😍

      carlos mezacarlos meza18 天 前
    • I was laughing so hard cuz vy lost in to min when she was the Imposter i

      Roblox gamer giselleRoblox gamer giselle个月 前
  • Regina is scared by her own self and Melvin

    vedik varma Valabhunivedik varma Valabhuni4 分钟 前
  • -p[p-=;pla

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  • cool

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  • i own the gold play buttin

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  • 💋❤️💞🙏🙏🐔

    Clare StricklandClare Strickland18 小时 前
  • Yes melvin is

    Brent McFarlaneBrent McFarlane19 小时 前
  • im a big fan

    Milena PagliaMilena Paglia21 小时 前
  • Fgteev

    Isha SoodIsha Sood21 小时 前
  • That was fun

    Kane O2853Kane O285322 小时 前
  • Vy daniel chad regina melvin i found a song called love song for vy qwaint from pz48

    Belen MozoBelen Mozo23 小时 前
  • Melvin is the imposter Alvin Melvin

    Michelle WestMichelle West天 前
  • V is the imposter is ZZEE

    Michelle WestMichelle West天 前
  • # Daniel needs help

    Adriana LandinAdriana Landin天 前
  • I love your channel it is the best I Watch it every day I love it I watch every every second

    Noel SpiritoNoel Spirito天 前
  • I am from the future and Daniel quits

    Teresa MooreTeresa Moore天 前
  • By called the meet after Melvin killed to Melvin won

    Khaleda DarwishKhaleda Darwish天 前
  • Hi I love your videos I which I can see you irl 🥺

    Grace DennyGrace Denny天 前
  • Project zorgo

    Tafieka AndersonTafieka Anderson天 前
  • Project

    Tafieka AndersonTafieka Anderson天 前
  • You p

    Tafieka AndersonTafieka Anderson天 前
  • I love went vy is a imposter

    casey ngcasey ng2 天 前
  • I love how Melvin said “Shut up” when he killed Daniel😂

    :.G W E N.::.G W E N.:2 天 前
    • Lol

      NELLY RaffertyNELLY Rafferty5 小时 前
    • Yeah 😂😂

      Clara BoyajianClara Boyajian天 前
  • Chad is in poster

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  • You need help

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  • Wsr

    Sen SamirSen Samir3 天 前
  • daniel needs help

    Salwestore JadaaSalwestore Jadaa3 天 前
  • the way melvin said "shut up" HES SASSY

    Anthony MckinneyAnthony Mckinney3 天 前
  • He is in a big trouble

    g swethag swetha3 天 前
  • Spy ninjas daniel needs helps

    g swethag swetha3 天 前
  • Catline 💓💚💚💙 you see my

    Mary RogersMary Rogers3 天 前
  • They don’t know how to play among us

    manuel lopezmanuel lopez3 天 前
  • No

    Ben FrostyGamerBen FrostyGamer3 天 前
  • Daniel needs help

    Dante RolleDante Rolle3 天 前
  • dar😭no😆🥺

    Hailee BattyHailee Batty3 天 前
  • I am a big fan of regina because I like her blue xhigh lights and her stile

    Lmoore46 MooreLmoore46 Moore3 天 前
  • Danielle needs help

    Ed OwenEd Owen3 天 前
  • In 4:28 melven said shut up

    eric Garciaeric Garcia3 天 前

    shaye readershaye reader3 天 前
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    Sofia Hernandez MendezSofia Hernandez Mendez3 天 前

    iberka nateraiberka natera3 天 前
  • It Hass to be the person that one

    rachel mcmillenrachel mcmillen3 天 前
  • At the end of among us games you always have to do a dance at the end

    rachel mcmillenrachel mcmillen3 天 前
  • Vy daniel needs help # Danielneedshelp):

    Radu HocaRadu Hoca3 天 前
  • Then why did you said you trust shot in the neck but I'm not trying to be mean to you hope you find one day at Jamaica

    Nardia GrantNardia Grant3 天 前
  • My

    Vashti Buchoon-DoverVashti Buchoon-Dover3 天 前
  • melvin is the imposter in round 2

    Ishan MistryIshan Mistry4 天 前
  • I love you vy

    amanda jonesamanda jones4 天 前
  • Chad lol😉

    amanda jonesamanda jones4 天 前
  • 14373903737888

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  • I love you guys

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  • My blue light were r you :(

    welcome to all name i have and a new name Ashleywelcome to all name i have and a new name Ashley5 天 前
  • Yeah Vy lol

    shaun bruceshaun bruce5 天 前
  • I love among us so much

    val mayneval mayne5 天 前
  • When Daniel was the imposter he stayed he did not do any tacks so that mean he’s the imposter

    Naima AshkirNaima Ashkir5 天 前
  • If this was on 8 February that’s my 🎂

    dean sullivandean sullivan5 天 前
  • 3

    koroush chabokkoroush chabok5 天 前
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    American AthleteAmerican Athlete5 天 前
    • Y’all are so funny I love you 😘💕

      American AthleteAmerican Athlete5 天 前
  • Are you guys dumb you don’t know you guys don’t know how to play a mongers when you die you do you do be a ghost dumb and act like you can’t see Daniel Regina chad RVR week or Melvin

    Joe ZJoe Z5 天 前
  • Melvin won the second round because if it’s down to 2 people crewmate an imposter so Melvin actually won

    Robloxmaster687Robloxmaster6875 天 前
  • Vy is the imposter

    Jessica FarrenJessica Farren5 天 前
  • I think chad secret is he is the project Zorgo leader that why I think so

    A MCA MC5 天 前
    • Yes same

      no help no friend at least i tryno help no friend at least i try4 天 前
  • This is coco

    Kylie OrigeneKylie Origene5 天 前
  • I love you guys so much!!! ✨☁️🌸🦋🧋🤍🌿🧸🐮

    Rose timilsenaRose timilsena5 天 前
  • Yes

    Rosie's videosRosie's videos5 天 前
  • Melvin is the important

    Jyoti ButhelloJyoti Buthello6 天 前
  • Melvin is the imposter

    Jyoti ButhelloJyoti Buthello6 天 前
  • btw for a next among us video to make it like real among us dont talk due the round unless em bc the chat isnt out in real among us mabey it will make it seem more like among us?

    Firewood FamilyFirewood Family6 天 前
    • Tjey did this video long time ago

      o mo m3 天 前
  • Yes✅✅

    Lara JamalLara Jamal6 天 前
  • Imposter vent

    ayden let's playayden let's play6 天 前
  • Video v Queen

    Jayshree PatelJayshree Patel6 天 前
  • Never played among us but I have an iPhone.

    Amelia ClinkscalesAmelia Clinkscales7 天 前
  • Play a nader wan

    Hanin IssaHanin Issa7 天 前
  • OMG Everyone Killed Daniel...

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  • hi vy

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  • 1st 679-3304633

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  • I think Daniel and vy Regina chad Melvin are cute

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  • The the only thing I have is that you have to go back and forth with your family to get your

    Caylie WheelerCaylie Wheeler7 天 前
  • Vy 😉😃

    Tenzin DolkerTenzin Dolker8 天 前
  • Is the imposter imposterPz9

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  • vy is the important

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  • My friends can stay up at 1:00

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    Miguel MontejoMiguel Montejo8 天 前
  • Melvin was the imposter

    Layla FaithLayla Faith8 天 前
  • is vy

    Stoyan DimitrovStoyan Dimitrov8 天 前
  • vy

    Josefina SalinasJosefina Salinas8 天 前
  • Melvin impostor

    Gianne Decastro ReyesGianne Decastro Reyes9 天 前
  • yes

    Jose HernandezJose Hernandez9 天 前
  • ❤💋

    Chris Lumpkin88tff GBChris Lumpkin88tff GB9 天 前