WHY SHE DID IT - Lie Detector Test On Daniel's Stalker Girlfriend Alie

2021年04月 4日
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After Chad Wild Clay made "STALKER IS GONNA END US! - Alie Controls My Life for 24 Hours (Trapped in a Tesla)", Vy Qwaint created "SCARY BOX GAME - Trapped by Stalker's Friends", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "STALKER vs SPY NINJAS - My Girlfriend Says She's a Better CNworldr, Lives To Regret It", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "BEST FRIEND BETRAYED ME IN FORTNITE", After Alie revealed herself to be the stalker she saved the Spy Ninjas from being driven off a cliff in the Tesla. Now the Spyninjas don't know what to believe! Is Alie good or is she bad? Why has she been stalking them this whole time? Has she been faking her feelings for Daniel? Find out in this Lie Detector Test On Alie. Daniel puts his Lie Detector shirt on once again to put his girlfriend to the test and find out the truth behind her stalker plan. Alie was in charge of the crazy stalker group made up of The Leak, Chef Crouton, The Doppelganger, and a guy called Horseradish. But now Alie betrayed them to side with the Spyninjas. But can she be trusted? Daniel has to decide between staying with Alie and being her boyfriend or staying with his friends and continuing to be a Spyninja. With a tough decision ahead of him, Daniel has a lot of thinking to do. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Spy Ninjas, do you think Alie can be trusted? What choice will Daniel make?

    Vy QwaintVy Qwaint个月 前
    • Hey

      kate Trankate Tran14 天 前
    • Hi I Benn watching for 6 years and I'm 6 years ollllllllllllld

      Louisa O'ConnorLouisa O'Connor个月 前
    • Ask her if she was pz11

      Ibado FarahIbado Farah个月 前
    • She can’t be trust

      Badkidjay YtBadkidjay Yt个月 前

      Hanna ahmedHanna ahmed个月 前
  • Ally is Bab.

    mQwyo LwandiemQwyo Lwandie4 小时 前
  • hi

    Sriman SaladiSriman Saladi4 小时 前
  • 🤥

    bruh vartiebruh vartie5 小时 前
  • A LIE 🤥 what alie

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  • Bf

    frog masterfrog master5 小时 前
  • Alivia

    Alivia IsaiahAlivia Isaiah8 小时 前
  • AIivia

    Alivia IsaiahAlivia Isaiah8 小时 前
  • Vy

    Marlen RTMarlen RT8 小时 前
  • Alies hair doesn't look real it looks like a wing 😳 daniel maybe alies hair is not real is a wing i don't know 😕 sorry spy ninjas I have your not mad at me vg

    Marlen RTMarlen RT8 小时 前
  • Alie was the stalker

    Marlen RTMarlen RT8 小时 前
  • En face que les activités du six Péchès

    Blaise okengeBlaise okenge9 小时 前
  • 💚❤️💜💖

    SnixpzzSnixpzz10 小时 前
  • Hi Vie

    SnixpzzSnixpzz10 小时 前
  • Ngl we kinda has a fave reveal of her and if we can get off her mask she will basically have 2 face reveals cause she was a ex hacker

    Spy ninja famSpy ninja fam10 小时 前
  • So many ex hacker first Daniel then Regina then Melvin now alie

    Spy ninja famSpy ninja fam10 小时 前
  • hi '

    Loba_said_nvm_2_youLoba_said_nvm_2_you10 小时 前
  • New freaking cap

    beary wellbad1beary wellbad110 小时 前
  • wow$$$$!!!!

    Diya DesaiDiya Desai10 小时 前
  • If you look at the side of allies head it has a hair cap on it

    Lacey BarnettLacey Barnett11 小时 前
  • 😓😓😓😓🎸

    Red boy polz ParkRed boy polz Park12 小时 前
  • Hmmmm is Melvin behind the camera

    Rina PineRina Pine12 小时 前
    • So he is behind the camera

      Rina PineRina Pine12 小时 前
  • I miss @Daniel Gizmo 😭

    Erik Murillo 2Erik Murillo 213 小时 前
    • With @Chad Wild Clay and @Vy Qwaint 😥😭

      Erik Murillo 2Erik Murillo 213 小时 前
  • La ciudad ha estado muy cerca del aeropuerto y

    Mateo VelázquezMateo Velázquez13 小时 前
  • She has a wagon on

    Sandra MalloySandra Malloy13 小时 前
  • I just want to see Ally’s face

    Sandra MalloySandra Malloy14 小时 前
  • hi 😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😻💔💔💔💔💔

    Kemoya DennisKemoya Dennis14 小时 前
  • she has a wig

    Jonathan KimJonathan Kim15 小时 前
  • she has a wiq alie

    Jonathan KimJonathan Kim15 小时 前
  • alie cheated i saw her hand she did its true

    B.sloane YB.sloane Y15 小时 前
  • Spy ninjas I know Ali is the stalker because first day I see is is this staker 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Sarina RebwarSarina Rebwar15 小时 前
  • Pink flowers is my name 💐

    Hiu Laam Fiona NGHiu Laam Fiona NG16 小时 前
  • Alie might be pz 409

    MohagamerMohagamer16 小时 前
  • 🌈🦄🌷🍬🌸❄️☃️🎄🐈🦮🐙🦜

    Hiu Laam Fiona NGHiu Laam Fiona NG16 小时 前
  • Ok spy ninjas I already now how alies face looks like

    Kfknf CnnfkfKfknf Cnnfkf16 小时 前
  • Alie=A lie

    Natalie ReynoldsNatalie Reynolds17 小时 前
  • she is crazy

    Kaili Harrell-MilesKaili Harrell-Miles18 小时 前
  • Hi

    Adam MunozAdam Munoz19 小时 前
  • Tell her she’s language she went in the world is she wearing a wig. Does my come out here

    Joumana Ali Mohamed Ali MohamedJoumana Ali Mohamed Ali Mohamed20 小时 前
  • Purpose from your yellow blue red purple want to be puppy so bad baseball kid that goes to school😔😔😞

    Joumana Ali Mohamed Ali MohamedJoumana Ali Mohamed Ali Mohamed20 小时 前
  • Alie a lie

    Steve WebbSteve Webb20 小时 前
  • ALiy

    ace john blasace john blas22 小时 前
  • I think a lie hair is a wig

    s.i.4ds.i.4d22 小时 前
  • Wowwowo

    Viki TolmasovViki Tolmasov23 小时 前
  • Alie can not be trusted

    virginia palmierivirginia palmieri23 小时 前
  • The last video

    Ashley MilamAshley Milam23 小时 前
  • Chad why you hug eile

    Ashley MilamAshley Milam23 小时 前
  • Why you have Friend shen down the spy ninjas huhu eile

    Ashley MilamAshley Milam23 小时 前
  • Lol I saw her face watch project zorgo unmasking

    Ma Lorna De MesaMa Lorna De Mesa天 前
    • Project Zorgo Face Reveal

      Ma Lorna De MesaMa Lorna De Mesa天 前
  • Listen to her now because that's your girlfriend

    Aliyah On GrowAliyah On Grow天 前
  • Is it just me or when melvin and Daniel where hugging it looked like Daniel kissed me live sholder😳😂

    Megan xw TaylorMegan xw Taylor天 前
    • Melvins*

      Megan xw TaylorMegan xw Taylor天 前
  • Did Daniel say babygurl when they found out that alien is a stalker

    isabella krassisabella krass天 前
  • No spy ninja Al Ali is like Chad

    Zak CellZak Cell天 前
  • Steins

    Zak CellZak Cell天 前
    • Hi what are you doing I'm talking to you for me

      Zak CellZak Cell天 前
  • Alie is 409

    jojo yejojo ye天 前
  • 💥

    G's Handmade JewelryG's Handmade Jewelry天 前
  • I think she can be trusted

    Austin ColemanAustin Coleman天 前
  • I love Chad say idiots make super funny 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    Blake BilogBlake Bilog天 前
  • Daniel in spy ninja

    Opbrat’s BarginsOpbrat’s Bargins天 前
  • that is a lie

    john cossinsjohn cossins天 前
  • ask Daniel's gf what her phone number

    john cossinsjohn cossins天 前
  • 😡👹👺💄💋💃🏻👠🧣⛑🎒🦑🦐🐔🦜🎋🥀🌹🍄🔥🍎🍒🍅🍓🥩🍖🌶🤹‍♂️🎨🎯🎸🚗🏎🚚🚂🚨🚒🚘🎡🗼🏰⛽️⛺️🏜🌋🏕🏡🏘🏚🏗🏭🏠☎️⏰🧯🛢🪔🧰🧲🧨🪓🩸💉💈🛡🌡🎈🏮🧧📮📕❤️💔❣️💮🉐㊙️㊗️🈴🈵🈹🈲🅰️🅱️🆎🆑🅾️🆘❌⭕️🛑⛔️📛🚫💯💢♨️🚷🚯🚳🚱🔞📵🚭❓❗️⁉️‼️🔴🟥🔺🔻🔇♥️♦️

    Ava RoseAva Rose天 前
  • 🛀🛋🪑🧸🛌🛍🔑🧼🚽🚰🚪🧻🧺

    Ava RoseAva Rose天 前
  • 💻

    Ava RoseAva Rose天 前
  • Guys Alle is wearing a wig and she has black hair

    Lyssy NoelLyssy Noel天 前
  • Allie could be tricking him!

    Chad Wild ClayChad Wild Clay天 前
    • Hi Chad and vy I love your CNworld videos so much I love you so much vy and Chad is the question is that you can get the flint from your CNworld videos on my face and vy I love you so much and Chad I love you so much I miss the day I woth you CNworld 🌺

      Hank MillerHank Miller9 小时 前
  • No,

    ashlee wittemanashlee witteman天 前
  • I think Allie has a wig I don’t see baby hears people have baby hairs OK people have baby hairs so she is wearing a big

    CharlyuledivianCharlyuledivian天 前
  • What does Daniel wear a black ring on his ring finger by the way I’m a huge fan of the whole squad roblox do you please roblox Daniel plays roblox roblox I have roblox yelena I am seven years old I love your channel

    CharlyuledivianCharlyuledivian天 前
  • I’ll find ninjas you find this funny jokes but a new girlfriend with Daniel is in not sure it’s enough with Daniel and you are the baddest girls and boys this is that impossible with you little girls and bri who is this is enough of you I love you and everything you done with Addie isn’t done he isn’t done is it funny with the girls I’m done with you and you know what a block in the spy ninjas goodbye

    Yelena GuerreroYelena Guerrero天 前
  • V is the most popular girl what Daniel have a girlfriend that is not true and the spine and just not suspect girlfriend and why spinatus were destroyed the spy ninjas I am mad with you spy ninjas remember me I’m Taylor

    Yelena GuerreroYelena Guerrero天 前
  • I love it when cwc says were awsome

    Funmilola OluwadaraFunmilola Oluwadara天 前
  • Alie is wearing a wig I se the netting

    Katie gamingKatie gaming天 前
  • alie is wearing a wig

    mxse vidsmxse vids天 前
  • alie is your yong childhood frind

    Alexis FountainAlexis Fountain天 前
  • Guys I just realized something with allies hair! SHES WEARING A WIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ghalia SammanGhalia Samman天 前
  • Wig

    Arnold De GuzmanArnold De Guzman天 前
  • what pz number

    coolgamercoolgamer天 前
  • Alie

    Nadio KhanoNadio Khano天 前

  • Fy2321

    Anand RapitiAnand Rapiti2 天 前
  • Ask her what is her identity

    Kids Fun facts with AditiKids Fun facts with Aditi2 天 前
  • Alie's real name is Lila or Allison and her hair is a wig I bet she has brown or black hair underneath that wig cap

    Ibrahim RamzaanIbrahim Ramzaan2 天 前
    • Yeah

      Reva PochampallyReva Pochampally18 小时 前

      Ghalia SammanGhalia Samman天 前
    • maybe

      Maxi UtomoMaxi Utomo天 前
  • yo had anyone is suspicious on her hair?is she wearing a wig!

    shayna lopezshayna lopez2 天 前
  • I think mr.e is the leader because notice how when you are in a battle with someone you have know call from mr.e

    Sheila PadillaSheila Padilla2 天 前
    • Oh yes we know

      Marlen RTMarlen RT8 小时 前
  • Notice at the end of almost every question she said something she already said or a different question she wandered after the heartfelt speech

    Alyssa BraveheartAlyssa Braveheart2 天 前
    • Awnsered not wandered lol

      Alyssa BraveheartAlyssa Braveheart2 天 前
  • I feel like Alie is wearing a wig because there is no line in the middle of her hair and i have some questions for Alie : are you wearing a wig? if yes,why? Do you like Daniel? Is your number PZ number 409? If not what was your PZ number? Do yo know about JB? Do you know about Harrison ?

    László MérészLászló Mérész2 天 前
  • Ally why

    Michelle OsborneMichelle Osborne2 天 前
  • Ally

    Michelle OsborneMichelle Osborne2 天 前

    Justas PhaJustas Pha2 天 前
  • no

    elsa jasonelsa jason2 天 前
  • Allie spelled back words is eilla

    Candace McHenryCandace McHenry2 天 前
  • Spy ninjas

    Muhammad HaiderMuhammad Haider2 天 前
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Viraj AroraViraj Arora2 天 前
  • 😳😳😳

    PoppyPoppy2 天 前
  • How Spider-Man just the company doing that are lie detector cuz it looks like your girlfriend that when you give her a lie detector looks like she has a wig on till next time can you do it like a video of another lie detector and if she gets one wrong can you pull can you guys please do or you going to where you're going to pull her hair and fun wrong color and can you please pull her hair cuz it'll really look like she has a wig

    Natalie MondragonNatalie Mondragon2 天 前
  • No 🧢

    Queen WhiteQueen White2 天 前
  • spy ninja D need help

    xaviera de Freitasxaviera de Freitas2 天 前
  • Allie is wearing a wig

    Jandi WebbJandi Webb3 天 前
  • I am a big fan

    Magdalena NarancicMagdalena Narancic3 天 前