GOING ANYWHERE DOG WALKS ME for 24 Hours to Help Find Missing Owner

2021年02月 4日
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After Chad Wild Clay made "WHO IS FOLLOWING ME? A Mysterious Stalker in a Tesla Spent the last 24 hours Spying on Spy Ninjas!", Vy Qwaint created "Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 24 Hours! (Rainbow Food Challenge)", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "EXTREME HIDE and SEEK at 3AM - I Challenged SPY NINJAS to the Ultimate Game", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "You LOSE = You SHAVE | FORTNITE Battle Royale Chad Wild Clay vs Melvin vs PZ9 Friends", the mysterious dog known as Jack, found in the stalker strangers Tesla, can be the clue to finding out the identity of the mystery person. So, the Spy Ninjas will let this cute Corgi lead them on a crazy adventure towards someone who may hopefully be the guy who has been watching us for the past few weeks. One of the clues that Vy has stashed, was a piece of a Taco Bell t-shirt that was found in an abandoned theater. Feeling that it must have come from the owner, the team use that to spark Jack's senses to led the team in the right direction. Will the team finally be able to meet this mystery stalker? What kind of hijinx will the cuddly doggo lead thee Spy Ninjas into? Could this be the start of a Spy Ninja Dog mission?! Thanks for watching our furry, adorable, family friendly mystery adventure vlog videos in 2021! Kick Bump!!!
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  • 😱 that's alie !

    Nekjahan BegumNekjahan Begum13 分钟 前
  • 😱

    Nekjahan BegumNekjahan Begum14 分钟 前
  • 😱 that's Ally

    Nekjahan BegumNekjahan Begum14 分钟 前
  • Who is the owner guy you need to find out who's the owner the dog

    Moussa the gacha wolfMoussa the gacha wolf6 小时 前
  • Love

    Lady BossLady Boss10 小时 前
  • No offense chad But i think A little kid (10 year old) is a little strongrr than you Because i have a pitbull and - Its hard for him to pull me

    The Dashing Wolf QueenThe Dashing Wolf Queen11 小时 前
  • Tanks is crash he is biting in drash ?

    Maka CaspinoMaka Caspino11 小时 前
  • Dog tags are supposed to 8dentify your dead body. Stop wearing them.

    The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow PuppyThe Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy13 小时 前
  • The girl who said can I have a photo... sounded like... Alie

    gracegrace18 小时 前
  • The girl that would to take a picture with the dog I thinks that alien

    MelissaMelissa19 小时 前
  • That dog belongs to me

    Trezlyn KarterTrezlyn Karter22 小时 前
  • X don’t worry you are cute and that’s kind of mean about that girl I’m sorry Dad be chicken Nuggies Daniel guess I’m eating McDonald’s right now

    Trezlyn KarterTrezlyn Karter22 小时 前
  • the fist person you guys met was girl and it was porletaa

    Darck SparkDarck Spark23 小时 前
  • This stinking dog is wholes horse radishes

    Kate HillsKate Hills23 小时 前
  • Horse radish

    Bharti PatelBharti Patel天 前
  • Pz9

    Pet PetPet Pet天 前

    stefanmk7412stefanmk7412天 前
  • the first girl want to take a photos but the girl sounds like Alie

    RenDhar AntaniRenDhar Antani天 前
  • llol

    Keiona VaughnKeiona Vaughn天 前
  • But you can go Bbhgjhlgvvgjkbj

    Jessica MarinJessica Marin天 前
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    Lucresha StoneLucresha Stone天 前
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  • the staker is is daniels girlfriend idk

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  • Hi

    albert chandleralbert chandler2 天 前
  • Woods

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    youtube youtubeyoutube youtube2 天 前
  • What should I name my new girl bull dog rose princess hilly

    kristerskristers2 天 前

    kristerskristers2 天 前
  • A cute doggie but I wanna dog to where do you find a dog do you know it’s owner

    Ashley MAshley M2 天 前
  • Poor Melvin

    Madison StevensMadison Stevens2 天 前
  • what if perlita is alie

    angellxcia buildsangellxcia builds2 天 前
  • o no

    Grayson AbellGrayson Abell2 天 前
  • L

    Lourdes RodriguezLourdes Rodriguez2 天 前
  • The girl at the begining was alie

    Novak ScepanovicNovak Scepanovic2 天 前
  • I like all the spy ninjas I wanna be won when I get. Older...

    Life Of DanielLife Of Daniel3 天 前
  • I think it's Marlon because in2018 you asked him that can you sing us a song in high and low voice ending the dog wizard said he he talks low sometimes high

    Adrika GurungAdrika Gurung3 天 前
  • P

    blanca Bobadillablanca Bobadilla3 天 前
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  • It is the leak it the leak the leak

    Kreni HakizaKreni Hakiza4 天 前
  • 18:15

    Rushidde ManalangRushidde Manalang4 天 前
  • The girl that liked the corgi , is Alie! you can tell by the voice.

    SxftCloudSxftCloud4 天 前
  • 2:35 thats the horseradish alies goons sometimes goes to every vid sorry if i miss spelled some of my spellings

    Stella PlayzStella Playz5 天 前
  • Melven got rosted

    Amelia AhmedAmelia Ahmed5 天 前
  • I now the dog went thrue the door but I subscribed

    Jaime PearsonJaime Pearson5 天 前
  • Maybe that dog is from area 51

    Momen MohammadMomen Mohammad6 天 前
  • I meant the dog is really in the end it is the lien to

    Momen MohammadMomen Mohammad6 天 前
  • Maybe the owner at alien NAV the dog is a alien to

    Momen MohammadMomen Mohammad6 天 前
  • Jelly

    Carla KingCarla King6 天 前
  • 0:16 nobody might notice but in other videos alie is there

    Stella PlayzStella Playz6 天 前
  • Etuhhx

    Lies NuraisyahLies Nuraisyah6 天 前
  • Love you vy qwaint.

    Ricardo GonzálezRicardo González6 天 前
  • 😍

    Haya Al-BluwiHaya Al-Bluwi6 天 前
  • Barts stalker voice Ali

    Analeaha AshleyAnaleaha Ashley6 天 前
  • Ok then

    Vibhuti KauraVibhuti Kaura6 天 前
  • The dog is cute

    shamsa sultanshamsa sultan7 天 前
  • Maria

    Mustafa QaisarMustafa Qaisar7 天 前
  • Alie is an ex haker

    Janine CollantesJanine Collantes7 天 前
  • The voice

    Janine CollantesJanine Collantes7 天 前
  • 8:24 there fan at the park

    Janine CollantesJanine Collantes7 天 前
  • That his sound

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  • Pz squire

    Millenniun Hotels And ResortsMillenniun Hotels And Resorts7 天 前
  • That what I think oz squire

    Millenniun Hotels And ResortsMillenniun Hotels And Resorts7 天 前
  • I love your videos

    Joanna WhiteJoanna White7 天 前
  • Bro same thing with his do the post to three weeks ago and this dude or girl it’s Ally you can tell that Ally

    Drake FaulknerDrake Faulkner7 天 前
  • Chad : this is Douglas Daniel: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Me: dies instantly Plz like

    Skyla FernandezSkyla Fernandez7 天 前
  • Babies be talking about somebody else because people might have the same dog

    Faith MillerFaith Miller7 天 前

    Panda bun Roblox!Panda bun Roblox!7 天 前
  • The gril is allie

    Roblox YouTuber Milk_truckmooRoblox YouTuber Milk_truckmoo8 天 前
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    RubyB BuckpittRubyB Buckpitt8 天 前
    • 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

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  • I bought your Murch in the top-secret everything even the project Zorgo masks

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    Ellie BurgeEllie Burge9 天 前
  • That is ally

    Franseska FranseskaFranseska Franseska10 天 前
  • That's ally🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    saoud ALJABERIsaoud ALJABERI10 天 前
  • it sounded like allie from the couce recorder

    the youtube guy guythe youtube guy guy10 天 前
  • The girl that was in the red thing I forgot was alie

    Jamila Samantha SolanoJamila Samantha Solano10 天 前
  • I love ur channle:-) ;-)

    Gail ParryGail Parry11 天 前
  • That’s girl with the mask and a little Spanish was Alie

    Liya Hazhar Abdulhamid KGSLiya Hazhar Abdulhamid KGS11 天 前
  • 4:00

    clarita Assiclarita Assi11 天 前
  • 20:46

    clarita Assiclarita Assi11 天 前
  • Dog tag de me le renvoyer à l'adresse indiquée sur votre ordinateur portable

    Flash-AydenFlash-Ayden11 天 前
  • The girls Voice sounds like Alie

    Coliana PColiana P11 天 前
  • I like how melvin talks about aliens 🤣🤣

    Shahrazad ZayatShahrazad Zayat11 天 前
    • 👽😨

      Mishkat MishuMishkat Mishu8 天 前
    • Hi

      Grace MiddGrace Midd9 天 前
    • Daniel go sanitise ur hands them stinky lol

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  • Who else thinks that the girl that wanted to take a photo with the dog was Alie

    Trixie CraftTrixie Craft12 天 前
  • hihihihihihihigh

    zainab qazizainab qazi12 天 前

    Jan laurenz De GuiaJan laurenz De Guia12 天 前

    Jan laurenz De GuiaJan laurenz De Guia12 天 前
  • This is alie

    Abdul MuqeetAbdul Muqeet12 天 前
  • I I’m a big fan

    Rishika BiswaRishika Biswa13 天 前
  • hi vy i found that the girl in a ren jaket is perlita he talk spanish is perlita

    progamer robloxprogamer roblox13 天 前
  • Joking!

    Maya KuhailyMaya Kuhaily13 天 前