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After Chad Wild Clay made "WHAT IS WRONG WITH DANIEL?", Vy Qwaint created "I'm NEVER TALKING To DANIEL AGAIN!", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "WHY IS MY GIRLFRIEND BEING MEAN?", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "Can VY Go NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER in ROBLOX OBBY?", The Spy Ninjas realize that they need a 5th Spy Ninja in order to stand a chance against Daniel's new CNworld group. All the votes are in now, and the one that the Spy Ninjas have chosen as the new blue member is... NICOLE! We invited her over, but to our surprise, she hasn't shown up yet! We thought she was at the door waiting, but when we looked for the new member, she was nowhere to be found. The only thing remaining is a mysterious pair of black shoes. Does this mean she is missing? Did something already happen to our newest teammate? Could this all be a trap that the Spy Ninjas are being led into? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Where is Nicole?

    Vy QwaintVy Qwaint12 天 前
    • She literally in the hackers hideout where could she be last time rgean and mevlin were there so

      Tarkan SaeedTarkan Saeed12 天 前
    • Apoil

      Mystery_ CurrentMystery_ Current12 天 前
    • Also when the hackers was at the bathroom they saw you

      Jayvon PalmerJayvon Palmer12 天 前
    • Sorry box

      Marely CalderonMarely Calderon12 天 前
    • @kiwiplays🥝 same I think I saw horseradish 1:47

      Link PhilippeLink Philippe12 天 前
  • Didn't know who horse radish is is she even sure

    Emanuel TaylorEmanuel Taylor45 分钟 前
  • I like the leak

    Aiden LopezAiden Lopez49 分钟 前
  • There was someone at the safe house wearing a pz mask

    Kate FisherKate Fisher2 小时 前
  • There was a hacker sneaking around. In the yard I think it was horse radish

    Aimee StoneAimee Stone6 小时 前
  • There are the hackers in your house

    Jayden MinorJayden Minor6 小时 前
  • Horseradish was out the window

    Daniel ChorltonDaniel Chorlton6 小时 前
  • Her got kidnapped

    Jayden MinorJayden Minor6 小时 前
  • Nicole

    Tina hughesTina hughes7 小时 前
  • im just kidding

    joe riverajoe rivera8 小时 前
  • i know how to do the Disappearing trick this is how you do it first...

    joe riverajoe rivera8 小时 前
  • I saw horse radish

    Mishel RiveraMishel Rivera10 小时 前
  • nvm

    Jabelz JakeJabelz Jake11 小时 前
  • oh they left

    Jabelz JakeJabelz Jake11 小时 前
  • how why will they will Just leave the door open LOL go to safe house

    Jabelz JakeJabelz Jake11 小时 前
  • he go t captured and horses radish captured het sx9

    Kaylee FykesKaylee Fykes12 小时 前
  • She turned on the left you can see you but I didn't see her take off her shoes

    Emma McReaEmma McRea12 小时 前
  • She turned on the left you can see it in the doorway Chad was

    Emma McReaEmma McRea12 小时 前
  • @ !

    SIF CareySIF Carey13 小时 前
  • There are hackers in the Safe house!!!!

    Bianca SBianca S15 小时 前
  • What if she was brainwashed

    Queen BeaQueen Bea17 小时 前
  • It’s Nicole

    Queen BeaQueen Bea17 小时 前
  • When you were in the kids room I saw a black hat

    Queen BeaQueen Bea17 小时 前
  • Horse riders tack her

    No len JackNo len Jack17 小时 前
  • Did you guys see the people in the backround?

    Simona CiobotaruSimona Ciobotaru18 小时 前
  • When you watch too much cobra Kai

    ashtonashton22 小时 前
  • I think they kidnapped Nicole that's what I think because you know how they kidnapped Daniel and hypnotized him he probably did it to Nicole too and probably kidnapped her

    Joslynn OlmsteadJoslynn Olmstead23 小时 前
  • man you guys should pick michelhejust needs a littile aim pacice.

    tajnur adibtajnur adib23 小时 前
  • There are people like hakers

    Yina SYina S天 前
  • Omg hackers it was hackers

    Luke BaylonLuke Baylon天 前
  • i saw something at has a black coat a black hat and is in alie team

    Qeisya Sahira ChenQeisya Sahira Chen天 前
  • I spy ninjas the hackers in your house hackers

    Alfie ParkAlfie Park天 前
  • The hackers in the back be like these ppl are weird

    Annie AAnnie A天 前
  • Daniel needs help

    Chloe SpenceChloe Spence天 前
  • 2:44 time stamp wheat happed

    Luke SpencerLuke Spencer天 前
  • X hackers were in your house

    Luke SpencerLuke Spencer天 前
  • Horseradish kidnapped Nicole

    Luke SpencerLuke Spencer天 前
  • 0:01 wait didn't daniel won the pz trophy its literally in regina's left

    Haider Abbas VinesHaider Abbas Vines天 前
  • Somebody's in the white sheet and there's hackers walking by and I think has a Jogo got back together and it's me your biggest fan and Ava I really wanna be a spy ninja someday

    andria gonzalezandria gonzalez天 前
  • Daniel it’s not here because he just pick Allie not the spy ninjas so they added a new blue spy ninja and the hackers sneak out to the house but feel bad I wish I can be a blue spy ninja because I do like being spy ninja

    Steven Almonte mossoSteven Almonte mosso天 前
  • Did anyone see horse radish peaking in through the window in ragina's room

    Rosalie VernonRosalie Vernon天 前
  • I saw Nicole run away to the left

    Avya AshokAvya Ashok天 前
  • :0

    Rachel SalmeronRachel Salmeron天 前
  • There are hackers in the safe house

    Firejalalprogamer JalalFirejalalprogamer Jalal天 前
  • We saw horse shred

    Firejalalprogamer JalalFirejalalprogamer Jalal天 前
  • The by Nicole me want micel

    Firejalalprogamer JalalFirejalalprogamer Jalal天 前
  • the Peck 1 0000000/2000000000

    Agnes BordonAgnes Bordon天 前
  • Can you guys like move to cities and like not deal whit this problem bruh

    Luzkaury OlivoLuzkaury Olivo天 前
  • I saw somone behine them when they were in the backyard

    Karl Abou NaoumKarl Abou Naoum天 前

    erwin tulroferwin tulrof2 天 前
  • I saw hores radish

    Darren OmaliDarren Omali2 天 前
  • 6:13

    Dominick TurnerDominick Turner2 天 前
  • nice faking that punch.

    Naomi FerdinandNaomi Ferdinand2 天 前
  • I saw halkers sneaking in the house

    rhadrica grantrhadrica grant2 天 前
  • Someone's right behind you

    Janella DelrosarioJanella Delrosario2 天 前
  • Guys there is hackers in your house

    Brian QuirozBrian Quiroz2 天 前
  • Omg

    Divonteay SantisbonDivonteay Santisbon2 天 前
  • There are a zorgo in your house a minute a go.

    Sophia Isabella YangSophia Isabella Yang2 天 前
  • And a hacker behind the box in the back garden

    The WeldonsThe Weldons2 天 前
  • And there is horse radish

    The WeldonsThe Weldons2 天 前
  • I just saw a hacker head peak out from behind vy’s car!

    The WeldonsThe Weldons2 天 前
  • Yayyyy Nicole won Congrats

    Kallie HollandKallie Holland2 天 前
  • Horseradish is the evilest one so it might be it that taking that taken Nicole

    Oofer StashOofer Stash2 天 前
  • MajaMaja2 天 前
  • Look 👀

    harpreet lalliharpreet lalli2 天 前
  • I saw a Bad Gi

    harpreet lalliharpreet lalli2 天 前
  • Spy ninjas Daniel needs help he is not mean alie and her friends are doing something to Daniel go help him Daniel needs help

    Glenda OrtizGlenda Ortiz2 天 前
  • # daniel needs help

    Robert singhRobert singh3 天 前
  • V Queen or chat OK a person you son he has a wake

    Cheryl HoppeCheryl Hoppe3 天 前
  • spy n8njas pleas daniel need help his new video drop and he is not hypontian anymore @danielneedhelp

    Jamiel LimontJamiel Limont3 天 前
  • Hey Melvin do not say bo bo

    Camilo Llobia JrCamilo Llobia Jr3 天 前
  • # Danielneedhelp

    Paul WincelPaul Wincel3 天 前
  • Spy ninja I need to save daniel

    April PabianiaApril Pabiania3 天 前

    Mohamad MaterMohamad Mater3 天 前
  • Hashtag daniel need help

    Colline RojasColline Rojas3 天 前
  • Spy ninjas Daniel. Needs help

    Shikhar ShahShikhar Shah3 天 前
  • I see shape behind

    Jerelyn SerranoJerelyn Serrano3 天 前
  • hakr

    crizzette mae duma-upcrizzette mae duma-up3 天 前

    Bøbã łifęBøbã łifę3 天 前
  • Daniel was hypnotized that's why he needs help

    Aminah KhanAminah Khan3 天 前
  • There was somebody in the back

    Felicia NezFelicia Nez3 天 前
  • Daniel needed help 😢😢😢😢😢😢 now

    Adam AjoAdam Ajo3 天 前
  • Danielneedshelp

    Melinda SebastianMelinda Sebastian3 天 前
  • Hacker

    Ali NewaihyAli Newaihy3 天 前
  • # Danielneedhelp

    Wenfang pengWenfang peng3 天 前
  • Daniel needs help

    Jeric MarceloJeric Marcelo3 天 前
  • Guys daniel need help he is not hypnitize anymore and her old gang atacked her!! He need help

  • Danie need help

    Lauren gaming ChannelLauren gaming Channel3 天 前
  • Daniel needs help

    Dennisse Ysabelle AlbarDennisse Ysabelle Albar3 天 前
  • Video of Daniele he’s not helping size you want and wants to get back in the

    Danni VonDanni Von3 天 前
  • he was hepnotised

    Powwpow 65Powwpow 653 天 前
  • daniel is back

    Powwpow 65Powwpow 653 天 前
  • Spy ninjas daniel is in trable he is not Hibnitis

    Azaliah ElefanteAzaliah Elefante3 天 前
  • ?

    Andrzej PiaseckiAndrzej Piasecki3 天 前
  • danile needs help

    teamswooshmem7teamswooshmem73 天 前
  • There is hackers

    Marianela AlvarezMarianela Alvarez3 天 前
  • Danyol is hipnatis

    Lia’s Channel VazquezLia’s Channel Vazquez3 天 前
  • Vy

    Lia’s Channel VazquezLia’s Channel Vazquez3 天 前
  • Daniel need help

    Victoria TrujilloVictoria Trujillo3 天 前
  • Hashtag the Animals House

    Daniela NavarroDaniela Navarro3 天 前